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‘Airbnb for swimming pools’ launches in Australia

If you don’t have a swimming pool, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a private pool this summer.

A new app is enabling Australians to book their neighbour’s pools by the hour.

Swimply, dubbed ‘Airbnb for pools’ came about when founder Bunim Laskin’s neighbour complained about how expensive it was to maintain a pool.

“She expressed to my mum how much it was costing her, and how little it was being used,” Mr Laskin told 3AW’s Denis Walter.

“That’s when I piped in and said ‘hey, why don’t my family help out with the costs and we’ll be able to use it when you’re not around?’

“Before long our entire block was using her pool when she wasn’t, and she was actually making a profit from it.”

Pool owners and users likely won’t have to endure awkward meetings, either.

“It is a very self-serve experience, so 80 per cent of our hosts never even meet the guests,” Mr Laskin said.

“Around 30 per cent of our listings are vacation homes or second homes that are being under-utilised.”

But many listeners expressed concerns around the legal ramifications of using the service.

“What happens when little Johnny breaks his ankle and his mum wants to sue?,” caller Dan questioned.

“It just won’t work.”

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Image: Belinda Howell