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Airport baggage theft victim makes an emotional plea to return her jewellery

A victim of this week’s airport baggage theft victim has made an emotional plea for the thief to return her jewellery.

Police are investigating after a woman allegedly stole a number of suitcases from a carousel at Melbourne Airport late last year, later breaking into one of their homes.

Jewellery of immense sentimental value was stolen.

Jane Majewski told Tony Jones the jewellery belonged to her mother, her father, and her late husband.

‘They’ve all passed away so that jewellery means a lot to me,’ she said.

‘Anything else can be replaced but not those items.’

Ms Majewski made a passionate plea for help from anyone with information.

‘I’m just hoping that somebody will report this person,’ she said.

‘I hope someone out there has a little bit of heart.’

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