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Alarming figures reveal the extent of abuse in the Catholic church

Alarming new figures have revealed the full extent of abuse in the Catholic church.

Over 4,400 victims are alleged to have been abused by 1,880 perpetrators across more than 1,000 institutions.

7% of priests are alleged to have abused children. 

On average, abuse claims arise 33 years after they are alleged to have taken place.

This is the first time Catholic Church records on child sex abuse have been analysed for public consideration.

One victim, Luke, called Neil Mitchell to share his experience since being abused by a priest.

Luke said he took 40 years to come forward.

He said the compensation he’s received from the Church is a ‘slap in the face’.

‘It doesn’t even cover a bottle of wine so you can get rid of your pain for the day,’ he said.

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The figures have been revealed as the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse resumes its hearings in Sydney on Monday.

It’s the final hearing of the four year long inquiry and is expected to run for three weeks.

It will focus on the extent of child sexual abuse over almost seven decades and what church leaders are doing to protect children.

Francis Sullivan, from the Church’s Truth, Justice, and Healing Council, told Neil the data is ‘profound’.

‘I think the community is going to be pretty confronted by the stats,’ he said.

Mr Sullivan said this hearing will finally address the reasons the abuse took place.

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