Alex Rance admits he was ‘wrong’ about Jack Riewoldt’s leadership



Alex Rance admits he was ‘wrong’ about Jack Riewoldt.

Richmond’s gun defender told 3AW he didn’t expect his teammate to develop into the leader he had.

‘He was quite vocal early in his career and he probably got himself in hot water in the media a few times speaking his mind a little bit too much,’ Rance explained.

‘I probably held on to that for a bit longer than I should have.

‘I think he grew out of that over the past few years, but he was probably tarred with the same brush from years prior.

‘It was an important learning curve for him.

‘Sometimes you need to bite your lip and not necessarily say exactly what you’re thinking.’

Rance said he was ‘proud’ of Riewoldt’s development and said he’d been ‘a driving force’ behind the club’s unbeaten start to the season.

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