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Alex Sigley wants ‘normal life’: Detained Australian opens up

Macquarie National News

The Australian man detained in North Korea is thanking those involved in securing his safe release.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Alek Sigley says he’s happy to be reunited with his wife in Japan and now wants to return to “normal life”.

It’s still not known why the student was detained at all.


I just want everyone to know I am OK, and to thank them for their concern for my well-being and their support for my family over the past week.

I’m very happy to be back with my wife, Yuka, and to have spoken with my family in Perth (Australia) to reassure them I’m well.

I intend now to return to normal life but wanted to first publicly thank everyone who wanted to ensure I was safe and well.

I especially want to thank Sweden’s Special Envoy to North Korea, Kent Rolf Magnus Harstedt, for his efforts on my behalf, along with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Foreign Affairs Minister Marise Payne.

There are many other people whose names I don’t know who worked hard in the background as well. I’d like to thank those at the Department of Foreign Affairs in particular.

My family and friends are always a source of love and support but have been even more so at this time. I also appreciate all the good wishes that myself, my family and my friends have received.

Macquarie National News