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Alex tells Neil Mitchell about the moment he stepped in to protect a lady under attack

A Melbourne man has told how a drug-affected thug turned on him while he intervened in an alleged assault on an elderly lady.

Alex, 36, is sporting a black eye and bruising this morning after the shocking altercation in Hampton about 6.30pm last night.

He told Neil Mitchell he was putting shopping bags in his car when he noticed two men teasing a dog.

A lady emerged from the supermarket to collect her dog, at which point one of the men started following the lady.

“Where she’d walked was right between the supermarket and the petrol station, and there was no light and nobody there.

“They were alone. So if I didn’t go up, no one would’ve.”

Alex claims the man then “sort of tackled her to the ground”.

“So I pulled out my phone, opened my camera and ran over,” Alex told 3AW Mornings.

“He looked up, saw me, and as soon as he did he attacked me.”

“He was laying into me for about two minutes.”

The alleged culprit has been arrested.

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