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Ali Elamine speaks with Neil Mitchell after release of 60 Minutes crew in Lebanon

The father at the centre of the botched child abduction in Lebanon says he hasn’t been paid a cent. Yet.

The 60 Minutes crew is on its way back to Australia after a deal was reportedly struck between Channel 9 and Ali Elamine.

There are reports he received millions, in exchange for dropping charges that would see the crew released.

‘It’s not true,’ Mr Elamine told Neil Mitchell on 3AW Mornings.

‘I haven’t received or signed anything.

‘I heard from one TV station I got $10 million.

‘I was like really? Wow.’

But he did admit he’d like Channel 9 to ‘cough up’ something.

Mr Alamine said mother Sally Faulkner would see her two kids before she came back to Australia.

‘100 per cent,’ he said.

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