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Alleged TV scam sees small businesses lose thousands

If you own a small business, Ross Greenwood is warning you to listen up.

The Small Business Ombudsman has received a raft over complaints in recent weeks about a company known as Viewble.

Businesses say they’re approached with an attractive deal.

They would pay $430 a month for a promotional television screen in their business that would play ads, along with ads of other businesses in the area.

In return, shop owners were reportedly told they’dĀ get $430 back a month in advertising revenue.

But the advertising business has closed, allegedly leaving angry shop owners thousands of dollars out of pocket.

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Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell says they’re investigating the matter.

“What really upset me on this one is a large number of complaints are actually the children of the business people,” she tells Ross.

“The people who seem to be targetted are mum and dad businesses where often English is not their first language.”

She says shop owners have also been asked to sign contracts on an iPad and have been told they can cease the agreement at any time, despite it being a “three-year agreement”.

“This is really hitting people who are very vulnerable.”