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Allowing children at MMA fights a form of child abuse: advocate

Allowing your kids to attend Mixed Martial Arts fights could amount to child abuse.

Child safety advocate Dr Phil West told Neil Mitchell it’s not fit for children aged under 18.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship event UFC 193 will take place at Etihad Stadium on Sunday, headlined by popular fighter Ronda Rousey.

Dr West said he was amazed at how brutal MMA actually is.

‘It’s brutal and savage,’ Dr West said on Tuesday.

‘It’s potentially facilitating a form of child abuse within the state’s own legislation, which is emotional harm.’

Dr West said the sport was ‘far removed’ from traditional martial arts, unlike the name suggests.

He said a parent who takes a child under 18 to see MMA is ‘irresponsible’.

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Premier Daniel Andrews said he would not be going to the bout, nor taking his children, as it ‘is not my cup of tea’.

Asked if minors should be prohibited from attending, Mr Andrews told Neil Mitchell he did not think banning things was ‘the instant answer’.

‘I think that parents are in the best position to make that judgement.’

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