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AMA calls for boxing ban at Olympics

The Australian Medical Association is pushing for boxing and other combat sports to be banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

President Tony Bartone said the sport inflicts serious damage and is not in the spirit of the Games.

‘It’s about combat sports when the primary intent is to try and inflict enough violence and injury on your opponent to the point where he can’t continue or at least make sure you give more out than you receive,’ he told Ross and John.

‘That doesn’t really fit with our modern society and it’s an expression of interpersonal violence.

‘We think that all forms of combat sports should be banned, not just boxing.’

He said the injuries can include facial fractures, damages to eyes and jaw alignment.

‘We don’t condone violence on King Street, we don’t condone it on most sporting fields, why should we condone it in a ring because of traditional history?’

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