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AFL official apologises for grassroots footy umpire comments

Rumour File confirmed

A senior AFL official has apologised for comments directed a grassroots footy umpire mid-match.

Match Review Officer and former Collingwood player Michael Christian put his hand up after the incident was first flagged on The Rumour File this morning.

After the Rumour File tip-off, umpire Adrian Fisher told Ross and John he had copped an earful from Christian at half-time of an amateur women’s match.

“He said I’ve been missing sling tackles,” Mr Fisher said.

“First of all he said he was independent, which gets up my goat because he wasn’t independent, his daughter was playing.

“We didn’t get heated or anything, we just exchanged opposite views.

“I don’t think it was appropriate what he did.”

Christian has this morning apologised for the incident.

“I tried to call Adrian to apologise,” he told 3AW News.

“I spoke to the AFL today, to Steve Hocking, to confirm this had occurred.

“Steve clearly outlined the AFL’s position to me, that this should not have happened by any person, particularly not someone in a senior official role in the game.”

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