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‘Amazing Ben’ saves swimmers stuck in Williamstown beach rip


A Western Australian man has been hailed a hero after saving a father and son from a rip that caught out swimmers at an often tame Melbourne beach.

Ben Roberston, 26, only got out of his car at Williamstown beach because he was shocked to see how the bay was behaving.

‘I was quite surprised by how rough it was, I always thought it was a nice calm beach,’ he told Justin and Kate.

But when he heard cries for help from swimmers, he sprang into action.

Seeing a Noah, 6, and his father Richard were being sucked away, Ben stripped down to his jocks and dived in.

He hauled the boy in, then swam back out for his father.

Their worried mother and wife, Krissi Kirk, watched it unfold helplessly on the beach.

‘The amazing Ben just appeared and saved the day,’ she said.

Click play to hear Justin and Kate speak with both Krissi and ‘the amazing Ben’

For his efforts, Justin and Kate awarded Ben their $500 Good Guy of the Week voucher, thanks to the Good Guys.