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Amazing new footage: ‘Wonder Woman’ explains the meteor

The meteor that lit up Melbourne skies earlier this week was not actually Melbourne’s meteor at all.

Thousands of Melburnians saw the the spectacular light show early Wednesday morning and many more were left fascinated by video footage of the event.

New footage sent to the Neil Mitchell program from listener Darren gives one of the best sights yet, filmed from Mount Gambier looking west — click PLAY to watch it

3AW Mornings’ ‘Wonder Woman’ Dr Gail Iles, a physicist and former astronaut instructor, told Neil Mitchell it was “really exciting stuff” and scientifically “interesting in terms of tracking”.

“We’re getting more and more sophisticated — both software and equipment — to track these things.

“It landed 400km south of Adelaide, so it landed in the ocean.

“When it started it was probably about the size of a car.

“It could’ve been several small pieces by (the time it landed) down to type size, maybe even mobile phone size.”

Dr Iles said that while meteors could travel together, “this one seems to be travelling alone”.

Neil Mitchell: How old would it be?

Dr Iles: It could be as old as time itself, Neil. This is universe-shattering stuff, it could’ve come from anywhere.

Click PLAY to hear more form Dr Iles