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Ambulance response times still not met, V-Line at a loss and is the night network worth it?

Seventy-two reports were tabled in parliament today and 3AW’s State Political Reporter Lauren Hilbert has been wading through them.

Tom Elliott spoke Lauren to get all the highlights.

‘We stacked them up on the steps of state parliament and it came up to my chin.’ ? she told 3AW Drive.

One of the reports is focused on the night network, which sees, on average, 35,000 using the it each weekend.

Lauren says she’s crunched the numbers – ‘Victorians, the tax payer, are paying $45 per person to use that network.’

Ambulance response times are also mentioned in the reports; they are still not meeting targets.

‘75.2% of code one cases are responded to in the target 15 minutes. The aim is for 85% of cases.’ ? Lauren says they aren’t meeting their targets, but it is a slight improvement.

V-Line has recorded a $23m dollar loss in the last financial year, and customer satisfaction is down.

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