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Ambulance Victoria paramedics set to star in new TV show

Ambulance Victoria paramedics are set to star in their own RBT-style TV show, to air on Channel 9 later this year.

CEO Tony Walker told Neil Mitchell it’ll show paramedics in action.

“It will really show the hearts of the people who deliver services,” Tony said

“People will actually get to see what paramedics see, the good, the bad.”

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Tony also told Neil about a matter raised on the The Rumour File earlier this morning.

3AW Breakfast heard many government workers didn’t get a long weekend over Australia Day after being struck down with a bout of gastro,  questioning whether it was due to something they ate.

The State Control Centre confirmed that a number of staff between 26-28 January reported experiencing gastroenteritis symptoms.

“One of my staff was affected yes, he was a bit unwell,” Tony said.

I spoke to Craig Lapsley this morning about it, they’re doing a lot of work disinfecting and investigating the cause.

“My understanding is they’re still working it out, they’re testing the food and have disinfected every part of the facility.”