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Ambulance Victoria recognises heroes in the community

Not many people can say they have saved someone’s life, but Pamela Boyle can.

She was confronted with a grisly scene one day last April during a group motorbike ride near Alexandra. 

A rider, Cameron Walker, had been flung from his bike and half of one of his legs had been sheered off. 

Pamela, also on a motorbike, arrived at the accident scene to find Cameron laying in a vacant paddock.

She climbed through an electric fence and used a belt to tie a tourniquet his leg before she rang triple-0. 

Her quick actions and calm response will be recognised today, when she will be presented by Ambulance Victoria with a Community Hero award.

She told Neil Mitchell she did not have any first aid training, but had quickly realised she needed to stem the blood flow to save Cameron’s life.

‘Poor Cameron was conscious the whole time through this. That’s why it was more traumatic I suppose, because we were trying not to talk about it because we knew he was conscious,’ she said. 

Cameron will attend the award ceremony today with his two children and wife, who is now studying nursing.

‘Im just glad that he’s around to be with his little children,’ Pamela said. 

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