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Ambulance Victoria urge caution following four horsing accidents

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A caller has told Tony Jones this his sister-in-law has sustained significant injuries after falling from a horse yesterday. 

It’s one of four separate horsing accidents that occurred across Victoria on Thursday and Ambulance Victoria has urged riders to take care and wear safety equipment.

Paramedics treated four women around the state including one woman who came off her horse yesterday and lay for three hours before she was found. She was treated for injuries to her abdomen and legs and remains in a serious condition.

Paul Bentley, from Ambulance Victoria, told Tony Jones that accidents include people falling from horses and being kicked. 

‘With horseriding you’re generally out in large open areas quite often going at speed,’ he said. ‘If you do come off a horse, obviously it’s a fall of a couple of metres.’

‘If you are riding alone, have a means of contacting someone.’

Caller Sean told Tony Jones that his sister-in-law, who is an experienced trainer and jumper, fell yesterday as she was breaking a horse in.

‘She’s done her knee pretty bad…she’s actually done a couple of vertebrae in her back as well,’ he said. ‘They were breaking in this horse and she’s come a cropper.’

Paul Bentley from Ambulance Victoria 

Caller Seans tells Tony Jones about his sister-in-law