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American city has its own version of the Montague Street Bridge

Did we just become best friends?

It appears America has its very own version of the Montague Street Bridge!

3AW Breakfast discovered a bridge at Durham, North Carolina, which has claimed many a victim – just like ours.

It’s called the ’11’8′.

Local journo Lauren Horsch from The Herald Sun (yes, their paper is also called The Herald Sun!) said it had been hit by trucks and buses more than 100 times – again, just like ours!

‘This bridge has been a trouble spot for decades,’ she told Ross and John on 3AW Breakfast.

‘I think I saw a photo back to 1930 where trucks just hit it.’

We know the feeling!

Click PLAY below to hear Lauren Horsch speak with Ross and John

Click PLAY below to watch the Durham bridge in action!

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