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‘An absolute joke’: Opposition slams state government for failure to seize Corkman Pub land

Image: Google Maps

The cowboy developers who own the site where the Corkman Irish Pub once stood have failed to uphold yet another promise.

The Andrews government told the developers, who illegally demolished the historic Carlton pub, to build a temporary public park on the land, but they’ve failed to do so.

The order came after the rogue developers failed to rebuild the pub, and then were whacked with the highest fine in Victorian history, which was last year halved.

Shadow Planning Minister Tim Smith told 3AW’s Ross and John the government’s management of the situation is “an absolute joke”.

Mr Smith called for the planning minister to compulsorily acquire the site, as it has become clear the developers will not comply with government orders.

“Richard Wynne needs to compulsorily acquire that site and turn it into something productive for the community; whether that be social housing, public housing or a park,” he said.

“I just think everyone is absolutely sick of this farce.”

In 2018, the Andrews government set the height limit for the redevelopment of the site at 10 storeys.

Mr Smith says that’s where things went drastically wrong.

“Why would you do that? Why would you set a height limit at 10 storeys so these rogues could profit from what was an illegal act?,” he said.

“An apartment development on a site of that significance in inner Melbourne will reap them tens of millions of dollars, and I just think that stinks to high heavens!

“I don’t want to see these blokes profit from their unlawful activity. I just think that’s outrageous.”

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