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‘An embarrassing and exiled pariah’: Prince Andrew steps back from royal duties over Jeffrey Epstein scandal

Prince Andrew has stepped away from official duties amid uproar over his association with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstien.

In a statement, the Duke of York said he is bowing out of public duties due to the disruption the saga has caused to the royal family and the organisations and charities he supports.

“I continue to unequivocally regret my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein,” the statement continued.

It comes after allegations Prince Andrew sexually abused girls, claims he has repeatedly denied, while visiting then-friend, Epstien.

3AW’s UK reporter, Malcolm Stewart, said the prince “might be spending out the rest of his days as an embarrassing and exiled pariah”.

“There is now speculation that the prince will hide himself away at the $20 million chalet he owns at a ski resort in Verbier,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

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Entertainment reporter Pete Ford said today’s royal announcement is “historic”.

“With Prince Andrew stepping away from royal duties, it’s very hard to imagine he’s going to be able to step back into them at any point,” he said.

But the prince’s woes are far from over.

“All he’s done is potentially save a bit of further embarrassment for the royal family as an institution, but his problems have not been solved,” Pete Ford said.

“He’s still could be subpoenaed by the FBI, he’s still going to be sought and followed by the media pack, probably more so than ever now.”

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Image: John Thys