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An ‘unconscious bias’ at work part of a new multicultural campaign

The State Government has started a new campaign to celebrate multiculturalism.

Last night ads on radio and TV began, calling on us to ‘respect all races.’ 

As well as plans for education and workshops, a $4 million dollar sports fund will pay for athletes from diverse backgrounds to come together. 

The next step, is an Australian first program to ‘reduce bias in workplace recruitment,’ especially in the private sector.

‘Fairness is a very basic Australian characteristic,’ Neil Mitchell said. 

‘In the real world surely you want the best person regardless of their ethnicity.’

Robin Scott, The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, says there is such an ‘unconscious bias’ in the workforce people don’t realise they are doing it. 

‘Depending on your name the CV will be treated differently,’ Mr. Scott told Neil.

‘The campaign is about emphasising what people share and the values in common.’

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