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Ancient martial art of tai chi could help reduce falls in old age

Fascinating new research has found the graceful movements of the ancient practice of tai chi could be effective in reducing falls in old age.

The Chinese believe the style, known as tai ji quan, helps calm the body and mind.

A recent study out of the US involved people over the age of 70, with the participants who practiced tai ji quan reporting significantly fewer falls.

Dr Stephen Phillips, President of the Australian Association of Tai Ji Quan Inc and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, gave Ross and John an insight into the world of the internal martial art form.

“Some of the latest research shows one of the things that tai chi gives you is moreĀ proprioception, when you’re standing and moving,” he said.

“The number one fall in elderly is due to the tibialis anterior, the muscle down the front of the shin, which causes your toe to lift when you walk.

“That muscle loses tone very quickly, when you do tai ji quan, you are constantly lifting and putting down your toe, that keeps the strength in that.

“They’ve found now that’s probably why the elderly in China have less falls than their counterparts in the west.”

And even Burnso has tried tai chi…

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