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Andrew Crisp says leaked Victoria Police memo has been taken out of context, Ron Iddles says members are frustrated

The Deputy Commissioner has rejected claims of a backlash from members of the police force over the pursuit policy following the horror on Bourke Street.

The Police Association claims the officers chasing the Holden Commodore for a number of hours before the tragedy are frustrated they weren’t able to ram the vehicle.

A memo from September – published in the Herald Sun – told police not to shoot at vehicles and to take their time intercepting.

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp said that message had been taken out of context.

He stood by the decisions made by officers and the directives from police command on the day.

Mr Crisp said he was ‘extremely disappointed’ with the way the leaked memo had been reported.

‘It wasn’t an order or directive, at all,’ he said.

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He rejected suggestions there was confusion among members or a crisis of public confidence in the force.

‘They’re making split second decisions in very dynamic circumstances and are making good decisions and making good arrests,’ Mr Crisp said.

‘I will never apologise for putting out a safety message and that’s exactly what I did.’

But the head of the Police Association said that zero harm policy was part of the problem.

‘Our members are frustrated,’ Ron Iddles said.

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