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Andrew’s Cabinet meeting today should decide future of CFA dispute and Garrett


A make or break Cabinet meeting today should decide the future of the long-running CFA dispute, and with it the future of at least one senior Daniel Andrews minister.

In a last-ditched attempt to end the row, the Government is expected to ram though as policy the proposed EBA agreement handed down by the industrial umpire last week.

Its the deal the CFA board is refusing to sign off on with the backing of Emergency Services Minister Jane Garrett.

If Cabinet goes for broke, today could see the entire CFA board quit and along with them Ms Garrett.

In another day of drama for the Andrews Government Industrial Relations Minister Natalie Hutchins found herself thrown into the spotlight in the whole affair, accused of misleading parliament.

And the CFA got hold of legal advice the proposed deal beached state equal opportunity laws.

On top of all that, Daniel Andrews is also left dealing with a falling out between Women’s Minister Fiona Richardson, who’s opposed to the deal and Police Minister Lisa Neville, who’s backing it.