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Anger over Hoddle St killer Julian Knight posting on website

A man who lost a close friend in the Hoddle Street massacre is appealing for everyone to shut up about Julian Knight, in the hope he’ll go away.

A stunned Neil Mitchell says it’s disgraceful Knight has been allowed to pen a ‘dictionary for prison slang’ online.

3AW Mornings caller John lost a young female friend when she was fatally shot by Knight as she drove down Hoddle St with her baby on August 9, 1987.

‘I actually had lunch with that baby on Sunday and his young daughter,’ John said.

‘It just doesn’t go away.

‘And when we hear about this person, it tends to upset a lot of people.

‘The less we hear about him, the better.’

Prison advocacy group Justice Action runs the website Knight posts on, which has been coined ‘Facebook for criminals’ by some.

Despite his horrific crimes, Brett Collins from Justice Action said Knight had the right to a voice.

But Neil Mitchell said the victims also had rights. And they should come first.

Neil Mitchell: ‘Julian Knight’s been a serial pest in jail. He’s not just a mass murderer; he’s been a vexatious litigant and a serial pest.’

Brett Collins: ‘To call him that is not really fair.’

Neil: ‘I don’t care about being ‘fair’ to Julian Knight, I’m afraid.’

Brett Collins: ‘He has legal rights.’

Neil: ‘Tell him to sue me.’

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