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Anger over tasteless video game based on Nazi-style death camps

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Anger has erupted over a tasteless video game that depicts Nazi-style death camps.

It’s called The Cost Of Freedom.

It features gas chambers, firing squad massacres and references to “the ovens”.

Players can choose “which side” they’re on.

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Tom Elliott said he thought it went beyond the pale.

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dr Dvir Abramovich said it defiles the memory of those who were killed and the horrible crimes committed.

“Just when I thought I saw everything, I felt like I was kicked in the stomach,” he said.

“For me to learn there’s a game out there that literally turns people into Nazi murderers, is emotionally distressing, indecent and disgusting beyond description.”

He said he understood it would be released in Australia in December, but they would be launching a campaign to stop it.

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3aw drive