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Angry callers react to push for youth ‘criminal age’ to be lifted

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Youth legal advocates have written to the Premier asking him to lift the age of criminally responsibility in Victoria from 10 to 14.

They believe it will actually reduce reoffending rates among youth.

Ariel Couchman, director of Youthlaw, told 3AW she appreciated the fact often crimes were serious and that she felt for victims.

But she said locking kids up wasn’t the answer.

“By and large, when young people offend, there are very clearly major issues going on in their life,” she explained.

“That’s what we’re trying to get to.

“We need to address why they’re offending.”

But it didn’t go down well with listeners…

“That woman really upset me,” caller Joan said.

Jess agreed.

“There’s no accountability these days,” she said.

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