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Angry Todd McKenney says ticket website Viagogo needs to stop

Rumour confirmed: Australian showbiz veteran Todd McKenney has called for action against controversial ticket website Viagogo.

Viagogo on-sells tickets to entertaining and sporting events, usually at inflated prices.

It has also been accused of misleading practices and not delivering on promises.

In Todd McKenney’s case, he website is selling tickets to his shows at more than four-times the actual price, and wrong declaring seats as nearly sold out.

‘Apparently this is legal, but how this is legal is beyond me,’ McKenney told Ross and John, after launching a stinging attack on his Facebook page.

‘For a ticketing website to put ‘sold out’ when I need to sell that place (out) to even break even is so damaging towards me,’ he said.

‘But apart from that, unsuspecting ticket-buyers are buying tickets to my shows for hugely inflated prices.’

His comments prompted an influx of calls to 3AW Breakfast, including one from Melbourne Victory boss Ian Robson, who implored soccer fans to avoid Viagogo.

Viagogo often appears at the top of Google searches because it pays for Google Ads.

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