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Animal activists claim commercial honey industry is cruel to bees

“Vegan” honey is the latest product being spruiked by animal activists, who claim the commercial honey industry is cruel to bees.

Emma Hurst, spokeswoman PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals) told Tom Elliott the product is about “finding the same flavour without all the cruelty that’s attached with the industry”.

“It’s not unusual for large scale honey producers to cut off the Queen bee’s wings so she can’t leave the colony,” Emma said.

“Bees produce honey for themselves, they need it for their own sustenance.

“There are other common practices of bee farmers culling entire hives of bees in a bid to save costs during winter and they destroy the hives using cyanide gas.”

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The “vegan” honey claims to be “bee free” yet is made from apple juice concentrate.

“Vegan honey, made out of apples, which the trees themselves have to be pollinated by bees,” Tom said.

“You go down a lot of rabbit holes don’t you.”