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Anna Burke slams speculation surrounding Abbott Credlin affair

Former Speaker Anna Burke has dismissed claims of an affair between former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin, labelling the speculation as sleazy and tragic.

Joining Neil Mitchell in studio on International Women’s Day, said the explosive claimsm, outlined in book The Road to Ruin, were largely due to the fact Abbott’s Chief of Staff was a female.  

‘Peta Credlin for all her faults and failings was an incredible role model for women,’ Ms Burke said bluntly. ‘You had to respect Credlin for being there and surviving and being in a very senior position as a female.’

Burke said the speculation misses the point about what was dysfunctional in the Abbott government.

‘Were they or weren’t they having an affair? Who cares…it should be about her professionalism.’

Listen in full as Anna Burke joins Neil Mitchell in studio