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‘She’s struggling’: Another woman sexually assaulted in Carlton area

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There’s been another sexual assault in the Carlton area.

Two women, aged in their 30s, had been at Retro nightclub in the CBD on Saturday night and caught a taxi to Lygon Street about 4am Sunday.

The pair got out at the intersection of Lygon and Grattan streets and one of the women went into a convenience store.

The victim remained on the opposite corner and the pair subsequently became separated.

The victim was then approached by three males who got out of a silver ute, who spoke with her for about two minutes.

Sexual Crimes Squad Detective Inspector Steve Wilson said the victim was then taken to an unknown location and sexually assaulted.

“She’s struggling because she doesn’t know what happened,” Det Insp. Wilson said.

It’s not known if the woman then willingly got into a vehicle or if she was abducted.

“It’s certainly something we have to look at, we don’t know for sure but she may have just as equally gotten into a car with the view of someone giving her a lift, we don’t know the circumstances at all,” he said.

The woman was dropped off at her northern suburbs home about 5.30am.

The time frame leaves just an hour in which the assault took place, so police do not believe the woman was taken far from the Carlton area.

When asked why the woman could not remember what happened to her, Det Insp. Wilson said, “she had a good night out”.

“People are entitled to have a good night out, she acknowledged that she’d been drinking,” he said.

“The onus is on the offenders not the victim.”

Police do not know if they are looking for one or multiple offenders.

They have released images of men, who are being treated as witnesses, who spoke to the woman, along with a silver ute, which were captured on CCTV in Lygon Street on Sunday morning.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report online at

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