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Anti-advertising supporters strike in Melbourne tram stops

Posters have been ripped out of Melbourne tram stops by a group which claims the advertising is ‘destructive’.

Twenty-three posters have been removed at the Flinders and Elizabeth Street stop.

A message left in place of the posters says, “This AD has been deemed destructive and has been removed.”

A website for the group ‘Tram Clean’ reads, “We are here to wash away the filth and grime of for-profit advertising from your trams – to clean the disruptive, offensive and ugly corporate graffiti from public transport so you and your children no longer have to look at it.”

Daniel Bowen from the Public Transport Users Association told Neil Mitchell doubted the group would make much difference

“I doubt they’re going to make much of an impact,” he said.

“But I suppose it’s always good to have a conversation about how much advertising we see in public places.”

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