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ANZ apologises after Tom Elliott says he received an ‘off-putting’ response

Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott says he has been pestered continuously by the ANZ bank in recent weeks over an account later revealed to be linked to his late mother.

On 3AW Drive, he said he been contacted numerous times and assumed it was just a regular sales call before he realised it was in relation to an account his mother used to manage.

He said he found the response off-putting when he made the ANZ staff member aware that his mother had died.

“I explained my mother was dead, and it wasn’t really appropriate for me to do anything with it,” he said.

“The ANZ’s response was not ‘oh we are sorry, that’s very sorry for you’ it was oh well, who do we speak to about it?”

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Later in the program, the ANZ’s Catriona Noble, Managing Director of Retail Distribution, apologised for the handling of the situaton.

“It’s very, very odd and I apologise for that,” she said.

“It’s obviously not showing a lot of compassion for what is a real human conversation.”

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Tom Elliott