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‘Apologise, Mr Merlino’: Principal reinstated, parents turn on Education Minister

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The Education Minister owes an apology to the principal stood down over vision of him apparently dragging a student through school grounds, according to parents.

The teacher, Steven Warner, has been reinstated at Manor Lakes College after a government ordered independent investigation.

However, the letter announcing his return is peppered with criticism, claiming Mr Warner’s behaviour was “unacceptable”.

“It seems a very begrudgingly written letter, and a begrudging reinstatement.”
– Tony Jones

Parent Mark England, believes the letter shows the Education Department is covering the back of Education Minister James Merlino, who was very critical of Mr Warner before an investigation had been conducted.

“It perhaps tries to justify some of the Education Minister’s comments at the time,” Mr England said.

“I think he owes him an apology about how he came out on the television. I think that would be appropriate.”

Mr England, who started a petition to have Mr Warner reinstated, told Tony Jones on 3AW Mornings that the principal had been “welcomed back with open arms” by the school community.

“Everyone’s just absolutely thrilled that he’s coming back,” he said.

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