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Archaic landlines: Do we still need them?

Since 2001 the number of Australian’s who still have a landline phone at home has reduced by almost half.

Futurist and Technologist, Steve Sammartino, told 3AW Drive the smart phone has made the landline practically redundant.

“In the last 18 years the proportion of homes with a Landline has halved from 96 to 48.6 percent,” said Mr Sammartino.

“It’s hard to justify spending 55 dollars a month when you can get a smart phone that does it all.

“And you can take anywhere with you.

“The utility of a landline just isn’t there.”

But, the landline will remain as it lends itself as a reliable communication source.

“It’s a clearer line, there’s not as much interference as your smartphone,” Mr Sammartino said.

“You don’t need electricity – if the power goes out your landline still works.”

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