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Archbishop Denis Hart appalled by ‘outrageous’ Tim Minchin song about George Pell

The Archbishop of Melbourne has labelled Tim Minchin’s song about Cardinal George Pell ‘outrageous’ and over the top.

In the song, Minchin tells Cardinal Pell to ‘come home’ and calls him scum, a buffoon and a coward who had a place in hell.

The Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne hit back in a press release overnight.

Archbishop Denis Hart told Neil Mitchell the song did not represent the Cardinal Pell he knew.

‘The language was really over the top,’ he said.

‘… Such outrageous words, which are not the Cardinal Pell I know, not the man of integrity, not the big strong man who comes across very forcefully and yet who has tried to do a lot in very difficult situations.’

He said Cardinal Pell had been at the ‘forefront’ of trying to do something about claims of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

‘He’s co-operated with the various inquiries and is ready to co-operate again,’ Archbishop Hart said.

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As for the ‘Latin’ at the top of the press release?

‘That’s gobbledygook! that’s come out of a corrupt website,’ Archbishop Hart said.

‘I don’t think it’s even Latin.’