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Are kids’ birthday parties getting too over the top?

A columnist and mum-of-two has written an article outlining why her children won’t be having birthday parties this year.

In a column for Mamamia, Shona Hendley, who has 4-year-old and 6-year-old girls, outlines five reasons why she’s taking a year-long break from kids’ birthday parties.

She said for both of her daughters first birthdays, she went all out.

In her article, she said she started feeling as though children’s parties were beginning to take on a world of their own.

“I think it sort of kept carrying on, and I thought it’s probably time to have a bit of a rest and bring it back a bit,” she told Tom Elliott.

She said she’s guilty of over-compensating, and over-organising activities and games to keep the kids busy.

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