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Ash Flanders chats with Denis about his new show, the entertainment biz and pop culture

Ash Flanders is starring in a new stand-up, musically inspired show about pop culture and entertainment business as part of the Midsumma line up at the Arts Centre in Melbourne.

He popped in for a chat with Denis Walter about the show, called ‘Playing to Win’.

He’s been in the entertainment industry for 17 years, and he said he knew it was about time to write a play when he realised how many dinner party conversations he’d ruined ranting about the way the world works and pop culture.

‘It’s a mix of stand up, storytelling and songs, a one-manshow about the entertainment industry, my quest for success and about pop culture at large,’ he said.

‘No one’s ever really taken an interest, just someone yelling in a spotlight for 17 years…’

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