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Ashleigh Taylor shares her powerful road safety message with Neil Mitchell

Ashleigh Taylor might be just 17, but she has more experience than most when it comes to living the road toll.

And she has a powerful message about how we can stop the heartache.

Ashleigh lost her sister five years ago as a result of a drunk-driver.

On Saturday, she came across a distressing scene while driving with her dad just out of Mildura.

An elderly woman and her 11-year-old granddaughter had been involved in a shocking smash on the Calder Highway.

Ashleigh and her father didn’t hesitate in trying to help.

They kept both alive until paramedics arrived.

Sadly, both died later as a result of their injuries.

A man has been charged over the crash.

‘I’m still a little bit emotional, as you can probably tell,’ Ashleigh told Neil Mitchell.

Click PLAY below to hear Ashleigh explain what happened.