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Aspiring F1 Driver Dylan Young with Ross and John

Aspiring F1 Driver Dylan Young has told Ross and John he’s trying his best to bring Melbourne on his journey with him as he rises through the ranks.

Twenty-seven year old Dylan has just returned home from competing in the MRF Challenge which saw him race throughout the Middle East and India. He raced against Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick in the last race of the MRF Challenge and it is mooted he will be his team mate this season. He has raced against former F1 drivers, F1 test drivers, GP3 drivers and finished ahead of them. 

‘What I’m trying to do is bring Melbourne on this journey with me,’ he told Ross and John. ‘The way the sport works, to break into Formula 1 you have to have a commercial package behind you.’

‘The journey already to date … I’ve had to really hustle. It’s over half a million already to get to where I am.’

Dylan is currently racing at Formula 3 level. 

Dylan Young in studio with Ross and John