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Assistant Road Commissioner responds to Sex Party call to dump drug testing

Victoria Police has rubbished calls to ditch drug testing.

Sex Party leader Fiona Patten said on Tuesday she thinks drug testing is a waste of money, but Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing Doug Fryer said it’s important to stop drivers and riders from getting on the road with drugs in their system.

‘What we know is that any level of detectable drugs in the system doubles the chance of fatality,’ Mr Fryer told Neil Mitchell on Thursday.

‘That is internationally recognised. There is international research that supports it.

‘We saw in 2013 that illicit drugs overtook alcohol as a leading causal factor in fatal crashes.’

Mr Fryer said it’s taken 40 years to achieve a significant drop in drink-driving, and we need to put time and money into changing the culture of driving on drugs as well.

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