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Astronomical airfares for Perth footy fans

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Audio: Former Qantas chief economist Tony Webber on 3AW Breakfast

Footy fans scrambling to book flights from Perth to Melbourne for the Grand Final could fly to and from London for a similar price.

Airfares have  been described as astronomical for Perth fans eager to make the journey to Melbourne this weekend.

Former Qantas chief economist Tony Webber explained on 3AW Breakfast how the airlines could get away with it.

‘In the case of a full service carrier like Qantas, they have around 26 different sets of prices,’ he said.

‘The way they accept those prices is basically to charge consumers more as the booking date approaches the departure date.

‘The reason they are able to do this is because the demand is so strong, and it doesn’t just occur in airlines, it occurs across accommodation.

‘The airlines know these fans basically have to wait to the week before the finals and the airlines know that, and take advantage of it.’

A quick search on online booking services shows flights return from Perth as around the $1900.

That compares to flights to and from London for $2100 this weekend.

‘There’d be that many fans desperate to come to a footy final, they may not see their team in the Grand Final for another 10 years,’ he said.