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Attorney-General defends bail changes in face of Police Association criticism

The State Attorney-General has explained the new law around bail conditions for minors.

As of this week, breaching bail is no longer an offence for those under 18.

The Andrews Government has made the changes despite admitting that many of the Apex gang members charged over the spate of car jackings and home invasions are continuing to commit more brazen crimes while on bail. 

Attorney-General Martin Pakula told Neil Mitchell it’s not accurate to say there is no consequence for breaching bail.

‘The breach of conduct offence provision only came into effect in 2013, so if that claim was right, there would never have been any consequence for breaching bail before then,’ Mr Pakula said.

‘If someone breaches bail, police can always go back before the court and seek to have it cancelled.

‘If kids break the law, if they commit an indictable offence while on bail, they can be charged with that.’

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Martin Pakula says he wants to tighten community corrections orders. 

Mandy Steven’s rang in to speak to Neil, her brother was bashed and killed in Dandenong recently. 

His killer received 160 hours of community services.

Mandy resigned from her job in fears of running into her brothers killer when he abused Mandy after court. 

‘It’s wasn’t just one punch, it’s absolutely disgusting what they did to my brother, it was so brutal.’ 

‘Stop letting them out, stop giving them minimal sentences’ 

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Earlier, the Police Association said 17-year-olds charged with criminal offences are not children and should face an adult court.

Police Association Secretary Ron Iddles told Ross and John the Government has gone soft on young offenders.

Ross: What’s the point of imposing bail conditions then?

Mr Iddles: There is absolutely no point.

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