Aussie airline hostie hangs up her wings after 50 years service


Australian airline hostie Karin Candy is hanging up her wings after fifty years in the air.

As heard on the Rumour File this morning, Karin started in the summer of 1969!

She told Ross and John she never thought she’d last this long, and told them her most famous traveller – who she’d actually met before!

“It was the start of a wonderful, wonderful career, I never thought I’d get to this stage,” she said.

“I met Mick Jagger before flying, I was onstage with him dancing at the Box Hill Town Hall I think it was.

“I was doing a bit of go-go dancing in those days, I got paid six pounds for doing the gig.

“And then not long after on a flight with Qantas.”

“And did he remember you?” Ross asked.

“He did!” Karin said.

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