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Coronavirus: Aussie travellers left stranded after last minute flight cancellations

Australians who are currently overseas are scrambling to get home before border lock downs prevent them from returning, but flight cancellations are complicating their efforts to get here.

On Tuesday, DFAT urged Australians abroad to return home as soon as possible.

The federal government doubled down on that warning yesterday, upgrading the travel advice to the highest level and advising Australians not to travel overseas.

All non-citizens will be banned from entering Australia as of 9pm on Friday.

Ian Bennett is trying to follow the government’s advice, but he’s currently stranded in London and is unable to get home.

Mr Bennett, who brought his return flight forward two weeks, was due to return home via Brunei, but was turned away at airport check in.

“We got an email confirming our flight details at 12.15pm, and by 3.30pm when we got to the checkout … the Brunei government had shut down the country and won’t allow transit passengers!,” he told 3AW’s Ross and John.

Only Brunei passport holders were allowed to board the flight.

3AW Breakfast producer Scorcher is in a similar situation, he’s currently trying to return home from Nepal.

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Image: Steve Parsons – PA Images