Austin Hospital garden becomes ‘gigantic ashtray’

A garden bed at the front entrance of the Austin Hospital has become a ‘gigantic ashtray’.

Stivin Tassi’s wife is receiving treatment at the hospital and he’s disgusted at the state of the entrance, which he says is full of cigarette butts.

That’s despite clear signs saying the area is 100 per cent smoke free.

He told Neil Mitchell the garden appeared to be a memorial area, with names of people he believes have made charitable donations to the hospital.

‘It’s turned into the biggest ashtray I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he said.

‘There are no smoking signs all over the area.’

Later in the program, a spokesperson for the hospital provided a response to 3AW Mornings.


Smoking is not permitted on Austin Health grounds.  

It poses serious dangers to the health of patients, employees and the general public.   
We are doing everything we can to provide and maintain a smoke-free environment.

We ask smokers to respect the wellness of patients and staff and if they must smoke, to do so off site.

LISTEN: The ‘disgusting’ state of the hospital’s front entrance