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Australia Post chief Ahmed Fahour paid $5.6 million of public money last year

The head of Australia Post was paid a staggering $5.6 million last year, the most of any public servant.

That’s 10 times as much as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

And the mail service tried to keep that figure private.

‘It’s the figure Australia Post didn’t want you to know,’ Neil Mitchell said on Wednesday.

‘That’s rubbish.

‘This is public money.

‘I know Ahmed Fahour – he’s a decent man and hard-working man.

‘This isn’t personal.

‘This is about the system.’

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Senator James Paterson told Neil Mitchell it wasn’t good enough that Australia Post tried to keep the figure under lock and key.

‘The basic accountability for a listed company is that they’re required by law to reveal these sorts of things,’ he said.

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