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Australia Post to begin charging for undelivered parcels after five days

Australia Post could begin charging for storing undelivered parcels if they aren’t collected within five days.

Christine Corbett, Manager of Postal Services, told Neil Mitchell customers wanted parcels to be held longer than 10 days, even if it attracted a nominal fee.

But Ms Corbett told Neil Mitchell they’ll ditch the idea if it proves unpopular.

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A spokesperson for the Communication Workers Union, Joan Doyle, told Neil she thinks it’s unfair.

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Full Australia Post statement

Australia Post is giving customers more time to collect their parcels, extending the length of time a parcel will be held before being returned to sender.

Parcels are currently held for ten days before being returned to sender. From 1 August 2016, parcels will be held for to up to 30 days, with a small fee charged for this service after five days, payable on collection. Australia Post MyPost customers will continue to receive ten days free of charge, and can also elect to have their parcel safe-dropped at their home or sent directly to an alternate location such as a parcel locker or their closest Post Office.

Most customers want to pick up their parcel quickly, with 92 per cent of parcels collected within five days. We believe this service will help the small amount of customers who can’t collect their parcel straight away.