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Australia set for July 2 election

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared he intends to ask the Governor General to dissolve both houses of federal parliament for a July 2 election.

But he won’t make it official until after the government hands down its budget.

Mr Turnbull was handed the trigger for Australia’s first double-dissolution election in almost three decades when the Senate again voted down the government’s legislation to re-instate the the ABCC.


Tony Mitchelmore told Neil Mitchell the current evidence suggested voters felt Malcolm Turnbull was not a leader.

And despite a strong start in government, people were reluctant to put their faith in him.

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Barrie Cassidy, host of the ABC’s Insiders told Ross and John though there is speculation Malcolm Turnbull has dropped the ball this year, Australia will be reluctant to vote in another leader in the revolving door of Australian prime ministers in the last four years.

‘They’re both rookie leaders,’ he told Ross and John. ‘We haven’t had that in a very long time…including the Greens and the Nationals, they’re all rookies.’

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