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Prime Minister commits $2 billion to National Bushfire Recovery Fund

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The government has committed at least $2 billion to the bushfire recovery effort, with Scott Morrison establishing the National Bushfire Recovery Fund on Monday.

The amount will be spent over the next two years.

It comes after the Prime Minister announced the Australian Defence Force would be given extra power to help in the national bushfire crisis.

3000 army reservists have been deployed to fire zones across four states, following a meeting of the National Security Committee of Cabinet.

$20 million has been committed to provide four extra water-bombing planes.

HMAS Adelaide, the navy’s largest amphibious ship, will also be deployed to evacuate residents from fire-affected areas.

“Today’s decision puts more boots on the ground, puts more planes in the sky, puts more ships at sea, and puts more trucks to roll in to support affected communities,” Mr Morrison said at the press conference about midday on Saturday.

Neil Mitchell said the move was “historic”.

“It’s the first time it’s ever happened in Australian history (that this many army reservists have been called upon to fight fires) and I think it’s a good thing,” he said after the press release.

“You could argue its overdue but it’s now been done.”

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